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A propos

AZOTH Dance Theatre was founded in 2014 in New York, in order to support the vision and creativity  of choreographer Jonathan Breton, as well as invited choreographers.


The identity of the company develops around an original choreographic language, based on 4 levels of sensation, and on the exploration of the human condition

AZOTH Dance Theatre seeks to promote creativity in all its forms by promoting interdisciplinary research, with the objective of connecting to the audience through emotion

AZOTH Dance Theatre presented its work in the USA, France, Finland, Denmark,  Poland, Switzerland, Germany and Guatemala.


The international press defines the company's work as "powerful", "athletic", "inspiring" and "poetic".

In 2018, Jonathan Breton received an award from the French government (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and the media (France Media Monde), for his work on the international scene with AZOTH Dance Theater.

"The show blew the burning wind of passion (...) Expressiveness of movements, harmony of bodies, power and explosiveness of dance"



Community outreach is an important part of AZOTH Dance Theatre as a cultural organization. The company aims to offer a privileged access to dance for as many people as possible.

To do so, AZOTH Dance Theatre carries out numerous community outreach actions to diverse communities.

Through these actions, AZOTH Dance Theater seeks to (re) -integrate dance into everyone's cultural landscape.

To date, the company actions include  : 

- public schools : workshops, performance projects, conferences about dance and arts, open rehearsals, meetings and Q&A with the dancers, performances... 

- specific audiences (prisoners, retirement homes and hospitals, people with physical and or mental limitations...) : workshops, open rehearsals, performances ...

- non-profits (Téléthon, Doctors with Border, ALS Association ...) : performances and various collaborations

- general audience : workshops, open rehearsals, meetings and Q&A with the dancers

"Breathtaking and inspiring are oly a few words to describe the dancers and their performances" Hudson Valley Exposed - USA       



Démarche artistique

The study of the human condition

Jonathan Breton's work is focuses on the human being, in all its complexity. It is directly inspired by events, slices of life, emotions, and social issues. The human is at the center of his inspiration and his research and this is very explicit in the choreographic language he has developed, based on 4 main axes, related to sensation.

- Physiological sensation : the mechanics of the human body

- Emotional sensation

- Primitive and visceral sensation of man as an intuitive animal 

- Etheric sensation


Question the human. Transcend the human. Dream the human. Whether it is through history, personal experience, collective memory or even intimacy, his choreographic work attempts to define, understand and express what constitutes our humanity.

The human body as a communication tool

Using the body as a communication tool, a vessel of thought comming to life in the physical world to communicate in an emotional exchange with another being, through the body. The dancing body then allows this silent and intimate communion between the dancer and the audience. The time of a performance, this unique moment that everyone can experience differently and which makes the magic and the uniqueness of a live performance.


The choreographic language developed by Jonathan Breton results from the exploration of the infinite physical possibilities of the human body in direct relation to its emotional. His work finds interest in the theatrical dimension of the dancing body, as a dramatic art that arouses emotions and whose voice is carried by the body in movement.

Movement as poetry

Each piece is an invitation for the audience to travel, to stimulate its imagination, to connect to oneself and to others.

The choreographic movement becomes an architectural poetry in which the performer can express all their humanity. This is indeed the essence of Jonathan Breton's choreographic work: he wants the dancers to appropriate his creations and to interpret them with the mirror of their personal experience. He is therefore not interested in seeing dancers on stage, but human beings dancing.

Art feeds on art

A contemporary approach taking into account the complementarity of artistic disciplines.

Creative emulsion that arises from artistic and cultural exchange, from meeting new people and from difference. Creation of synergies between artistic forms to develop a new unique language.


Interdisciplinarity is very important in the work of Jonathan Breton and AZOTH Dance Theatre.

Music, theater, architectural works, visual arts and literature are staged in one or the other of the works that make up our repertoire.

"Creations made of both expressive force and sensitiviy" La Renaissance





Current season:

Jonathan Breton graduated from the Superior Institute of Performing arts of Paris and the Alvin Ailey School de New York. He performed with several companies in the USA (Eryc Taylor Dance, Footprints Dance Company, Ko-Ryo Dance Theater...), and now he choreographs for AZOTH Dance Theatre, with whom he tours internationally. In 2018, his work is awarded by the French government (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and by the International Dance Festival of Opole (Poland). Jonathan Breton is currently associate choreographer to the Dance Conservatory of Tours (France).


Jonathan Breton.jpg


Estelle Maire trained at the Princesse Grâce Academy in Monaco. She performed with Espoir en Mouvement,  Anothaï, PurE and the equestrian company from the domaine de Chantilly. She currently performs with Remue-ménage and AZOTH Dance Theatre, as well as for Operas.

Estelle is also a Yoga teacher


Alexandre Balmain competed in ballroom dance for 14 years.

He trained at the Professional Institute of Rick Odums in Paris and at  the Martha Graham School in New York, and performed with companies such as Graham II, Caliince Dance and Jennifer Muller/The Works, with whom he toured internationally.  He appears in the movie "Urge" along with Pierce Brosnan and in the off-Broadway show : "Once more so I can say goodbye". Alexandre is also a GYROKINESIS teacher


alexandre 2.JPG


Michelle Tara Lynch graduated from the University of Santa Barbara, CA. She performed with Jennifer Muller/The Works, with whom she toured internationally. She also taught on behalf of the company, the famous Muler Polarity Technique. She performed as well for companies such as Santa Barbara Dance Theater and Nebula Dance Lab.

On the other hand, Michelle presented her own choreographic work on various choreographic platforms 

MichelleTaraLynch2 (1).jpg




Louise Sicot trained in different schools in Annecy, Nice and Paris. She currently works with the companies Fantasia Latina and Myra’Byliss, as well as for various events with the choreographer Sadeck Waff.

Louise is also a ballroom dance teacher. She teaches both latin and standards dances, as well as styling.

"The scale, the liveliness and the precision of the gestures, the feeling of weightlessness, the incarnation of the characters, show that they are involved on international stages."  - La Nouvelle République 


Our other dancers:



Ludovic Piscioneri trained at the Juste Debout School in Paris and continued his training alongside Popin Smiley in Popping and P Lock in Locking.

Ludovic is part of the YZ company with the creations "R1R2-Start" and "Manège", as well as the Anothaï company. Since 2021, he has also been developing his own choreographic language and has since signed 2 creations. Ludovic also teaches hip-hop dance during workshops.

Headshot 1934656_55291348714_1745096_n (


Ayaka Kamei trained at the Tatewaki Hiroko dance school in Japan, as well as at Codarts in the Netherlands. She is a graduate of Northern Ballet School in England and SUNY Purchase in New York (Suma Cum Laude).

She has performed with the Metropolitan Opera in New York, MorDance and the last 2 years she was part of the international tour of the Phantom of the Opera.



Fernanda Yamaguchi trained at Bolshoi Theater School in Brazil and at Alvin Ailey School in New York.​

Fernanda has performed with Ballet Theater Company, Genesis Contemporary Ballet, American Liberty Ballet and XAOC Contemporary Ballet


Lara Elizabeth Tant is a graduate of the Kirov Academy Ballet in Washington, D.C.

She has performed with companies such as Maryland Ballet Theater, Connecticut Ballet, Mooney-Cooley Dance, and Exit 12 Dance. 

Lara has taught in the USA (Boston Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, Hartford University ...) in Poland, India, France and South Africa.



Ayako Takahashi is a graduate of Peridance Capezio Center in New York.

She performed with Urbanity Dance in Boston then quickly developed her own choreographic work, which she presented in the USA, Iceland, Korea and Germany.She choreographs today for her company, Ayalis in Motion. 

Additionally, Ayako holds a Masters in Dance / Movement Therapy from Lesley University and works as a dance / movement therapist.



Michelle Bay trained at LaGuardia Performing Arts High School and graduated from SUNY Purchase in New York City with a BFA in Dance and a minor in Psychology.​

Michelle danced for the Ayalis in Motion or Rioult Ensemble companies.


Michelle is also a Pilates teacher.

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