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creation 2023


Jonathan Breton
33 min

Pièce for 2 dancers

"LOVE" is a piece that questions our need for motherhood / fatherhood.

It questions this deep and powerful desire for parenthood that some people feel. What are the reasons that drive us? What needs arouse this desire for a child?


"LOVE" studies this unconditional love that is born for another being and the reasons that create this irrational desire to become a parent. Whether out of love, out of a need to repair one's own childhood or even to fulfill oneself, parenthood is a stage that marks a decisive turning point in the lives of human beings.


An unclassifiable mix of dance with multiple styles, "LOVE" is a pure moment of dance to move us and question our openness, our preconceptions and our tolerance on parenthood and on the image of the "family norm". 


Choreographer's statement: 

"I chose to address this question of the desire to become a parent because it is a force that shakes many humans and in my work I have always been interested in the psychology and the emotional of mankind.

Parenthood is a subject that I have rarely seen treated on stage from a choreographic point of view and I therefore wanted to participate in the research and creativity of a meaningful movement in this dynamic.


Driven by many societal topics (surrogacy, abortion...), I was interested in what produces both desire, expectation, frustration, fear and the whole range of diverse emotions through which future parents go. I hope through this choreographic work to be able to speak to as many people as possible. To reassure parents for whom the parenting process is complicated, to comfort parents who have suffered the loss of a child, to raise awareness of different family models and tolerance towards these unconventional families.


Finally, I want this piece to bring everyone back to the child they once were. In the land of buried memories. I firmly believe that if we managed to find this child that we were, to identify it, to understand it, then the world would be a much simpler, much more beautiful and open place. Open to others, open to nature and open to oneself."

dancers: Alexandre Balmain, Jonathan Breton

choreography: Jonathan Breton

light design: Timothée Suzanne

music: Keiichiro Shibuya, Choe Jeong In, Tchaikovsky, Alva Noto, Sync24


with the support of: Blois Danse Festival, Conseil Départemental du Loir-et-Cher, St Gervais la Forêt, Blois, Centre Chorégraphique National Roubaix Hauts-de-France - Sylvain Groud

Past performances


Blois (41)

Festival Blois Danse

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Seattle International Dance Festival

New York

Spark Theatre Festival



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