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Make a donation to AZOTH Dance Theatre and help the company pursue its community outreach mission as well as its national and international tours and other events, such as the organization of the International Choreographic Festival of Blois : Blois Danse

Becoming a member is a way to support the company and its artists.

You will also get information about the company that are reserved to the members.

If you wish to collaborate with AZOTH Dance Theatre, create a membership or organize an event with us contact us !

If you want to support us and our national and international events and tours as well as gain great visibility, please contact us for a partnership as well !

contact us ! 

Thank you

To all the individuals, firms and organizations who supported our 2016-2018 seasons !

Marie-Dominique Agostini

Marie-Pierre et Bernard Balmain 

Marc et Corinne Balmain

Adrien Barrault

Jey Beale

Alison Cook Beatty

Monique Boissière

Caroline Brethenoux

Benjamin Breton

Denise et Bruno Breton

Margaux Breton

Marianne Cardin

Marya Carmolli

Christelle Chatry

Christine Cook

Marie-Jo Dessay

Joëlle Fallot

Philip Gardner

Camille Gouin

Jean-Paul Gouin

Bibi Khan

Fanny Communal

Maude Giroud

Lydia Motyka

Solène Langevin

Michelle Kadra

Stephanie Shea

Dolly Hall

Lindsey Halman

Michele Jacquemain

Thibaut Jgou

Nicole Josso

Muriel Leroy

Caroline et Gilles Marcy

Valérie Marzelli

Pascale Penou

Corine Pichot

Christophe Restif

Alice Rogier

Howard Schranz

Jean Marie Janisson & Hélène Gaspard

Beatrice & Sébastien Gilbert

Didier Samama

Yves Janisson & Jacqueline Sausset

Famille Sérot

Antonia M Taylor

Brigitte Wattellin

Halina Hunt & Gil Eakins 

Deora Novell

Karin Stevens

Mary-Ellen Skenyon

Kirill Rivkin

Caroline Jiang

Lauren Demarest